Making the House a Home with CGI.

Together With Junction 11.

Working together with Junction Eleven, our photographic and image creation studio, we are excited that CGI artists Richard Horne and Phil Palmer have been spending more time at our Meriden HQ, working closely with the Creative & Technology Hive to bring new craft skills and an exciting infusion of innovative technology to the work we are producing with our clients.

Recently they have been working on a project with Bradstone, a leader in the supply of paving, walling, edging, decorative stone and driveway products that has been manufacturing in Britain for over 60 years. By seamlessly incorporating CGI techniques into their brochures and other key marketing materials, Richard and Phil have helped the brand show how their products, and the level of detail they offer, can help make a house feel more like a home.

Having been photographing their tiles and paving products for years, Bradstone was frustrated with the continuous building and breaking up of sets and delays in shoot schedules brought about by unpredictable weather conditions. By combining our expertise in photography, CGI and retouching, the team built, lit, textured and propped a Master 3D Bradstone House which could then be used to create photorealistic renders of single lifestyle shots and further detailed close ups of Bradstone’s new porcelain tile paving range. Creating a cost effective and fast alternative to the full field location set builds they’d undertaken previously.

Not only was the client thrilled with the results, but the virtual property can now be reconfigured and restyled to create further add-on renders and product variations, giving Bradstone flexibility and confidence going forward with future projects.

By working together with our skilled artists and the technology in their armouries, we can bring products and campaigns to life using CGI and offer our clients fast, cost effective and versatile solutions. Through CGI, we can help homemovers and homemakers really visualise their new properties and the individual stamps they want to put on them – bringing a dream home to life.

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