Creating Tactical Content Together with Yorkshire Water.

April Fools Brand Stunt.

Last Saturday (1st April) saw Yorkshire Water announce the launch of ‘H2GO’, a revolutionary new form of water that experts believe will help Britain’s best swimmers smash records by as much as 5%. Yorkshire Water scientists have been working with Team GB swimmer Max Litchfield to develop the new formula which significantly reduces drag around the body, resulting in increased speed through the water.


OK – so we were having a bit of April Fools’ Day fun together with Max and Ponds Forge pool is still full of good old fashioned Yorkshire Water. Building on our recent #courseitsbetter campaign (which you can see here), we tapped into the strong regional pride shared by the people of Yorkshire to create a piece of shareworthy content that could be believed even on the most unbelievable of days. If anyone was going to invent supercharged water, ‘course it would be Yorkshire Water.


With the ‘#courseitsbetter’ campaign gathering momentum, we knew the time was right to have some fun with our newly engaged audience. Due to the organic reach of the content and a higher than industry average engagement rate, we achieved a low campaign spend of half a penny per view. By keeping the customer at the heart of the creative idea, even highly regulated brands can use this type of tactical execution to build on a significant uplift in audience interaction and brand affinity generated by the core campaign. By treating customers as active participants rather than passive customers, and stepping outside the category norm creatively, we are working together with Yorkshire Water to continue to differentiate them from their peers.


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