Throwback Thursday: Slumberland.

The 1960s.

Here at Cogent, we get up to all sorts. We’ve been about since 1936, that’s 83 years, and over the decades we’ve done a lot, seen a lot and learnt a lot. We’ve worked with clients from just up the road, to the other side of the world. We’ve created memories, stories and moments. We’ve worked towards change, created movements and rallied pride.

Yet, in today’s fast-moving industry, it’s so easy to get caught up in the here and now, or obsessed with predictions for the future. So, it’s times like these we like to sit back, and throw it back.

Welcome to Cogent’s #ThrowbackThursday, where we reflect on some of the great advertising we’ve done over the eras.


Picture the scene. It’s the 1960’s, the ad industry is real-life Mad Men, Beatlemania has taken over the world and paisley is the must-have interior statement of the decade.

The ’60s were advertising’s coming of age, TV and photography were becoming mainstream and The Sun newspaper had just printed its debut.

Cogent, one of the first major advertising agencies outside of London, then residing in Solihull, pick up the Slumberland account. The mattress and bed manufacturer partnered with Cogent to promote their luxury (and beyond comfortable) Gold Seal Slumberland bed.

Grabbing attention with a catchy and humorous headline, this long-form ad subtly boasts quality and confidence. Not shying away from its expensive price point, this brave and bold ad portrays a memorable message by playing on the prospect of regret.

Slumberland advert created by Cogent

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