Welcome to Cogent. Harriet Lawrie.

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New starter at Cogent

Welcome to Cogent. Harriet Lawrie.

We are delighted to welcome Harriet Lawrie as the newest member of our team here at Cogent. Joining the Creative and Technology Hive, Harriet lets us in on her experiences before Cogent and life outside of work.

What’s your new role at Cogent and what are you most excited about?

I am a full-stack developer, so I will be working on building websites; doing everything from turning the front-end design into code, to plugging into back-end systems needed for them to work. I am most excited about learning new ways of doing things and working on a variety of different projects. 

What were you doing before Cogent?

Before Cogent I was working at Pertemps Recruitment as a web developer, which is literally up the road from Cogent so I often see my old colleagues whilst I am on my lunch.

Do you have an inspirational motto when it comes to your work?

“Work smarter, not harder”

I find this very relevant as a developer as we frequently come across tasks that can be time consuming or monotonous. However, instead of panicking and jumping on the task as soon as possible to get it done, it can be more beneficial to take the time to come up with a process that will make the task more efficient.

What’s your biggest achievement or the thing you are most proud of?

My biggest achievement was getting a Distinction in my Masters degree. After doing my Undergraduate degree in Human Biology I decided biology wasn’t for me, so I had a change of plan and I worked for a year to save up for my Masters.

I was accepted to study Information Technology at Loughborough University which was a year of very hard work. I am very thankful that I did it otherwise I probably wouldn’t be a developer today!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

My hair was once so long it went down to my knees!

Can you tell us about an example of togetherness that you find particularly inspiring?

Recently I was saddened to hear that Telltale Games, one of my favourite game development studios are closing down. 250 staff were laid off suddenly one morning, leaving just a small skeleton crew to tie things off. Many employees had recently relocated their families to the area to be able to work for the studio and some were only hired as little as week before the closure.

In response to this, many games fans rallied together on social media to support the ex-employees prompting many other games development studios to offer them positions.

Seeing people support each other in difficult times is very inspiring.

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