The Cogent Team’s Lockdown Achievements.

The Cogent Team’s Lockdown Achievements.

There’s no denying it, 2020 has been a little odd, to say the least. It wasn’t quite what we all expected when pulling party poppers and ‘cheersing’ to the year ahead on New Year’s Eve, that’s for sure. However, we’re not ones for dwelling on the negatives, being stuck at home for weeks on end came with at least some silver linings. While it took a little getting used to, we realised we could finally get around to doing all those things we’d been meaning to try, since forever.

We’re a team who love to learn, grow, try something new, and get creative. So, we’ve put together a roundup of our achievements over (what seems like) an endless amount of time at home. While I explained that ‘completing’ Netflix does count, I learned of more impressive achievements than that. 

Our Head of Creative Services swapped his brogues (or should I say slippers, let’s be more realistic) for trainers as he headed out on what started as the ‘run 5k, donate £5, nominate 5 people’ Instagram challenge. 100 runs, 750km and 4 half marathons later it’s safe to say he smashed that ‘5k challenge’. Huge congrats to Dean, that’s a lockdown achievement and a half. 

I hope you’ve already eaten for this next one, otherwise, you’re about to get reaaaal hungry. It turns out our Head of UX has a hidden talent and has spent lockdown giving Gordon a run for his money. Carl spent his downtime at home creating lots of new recipes, cooking up a storm, and filming it for his very own YouTube channel. Enter: Hopeful Cook.

Don’t know what you’re having for dinner tonight? Let Carl help with that…

Our PR Account Director got hands on as she learned a new skill in the form of macrame. Lockdown gave Sarah the time to give the intricate textile craft a go, after meaning to try it for ages. Turns out, she’s pretty darn good at it too. An Instagram account and an Etsy page later, Sarah is selling her handmade pieces online (so that’s that Christmas present sorted). Check out Sarah’s online store here.

All you dog fans out there, listen up. Lucy, a member of our Relationships Team has spent lockdown getting artsy by drawing commissions of pet dogs for loving owners. One of our personal favourites has got to be this group portrait, drawn from four different photographs, all with different angles, perspectives and quality. 

Follow Lucy’s gallery on Instagram to see more of her quite frankly, amazing work. 

A member of our Growth Team runs an online marketing magazine, set to inspire those in the digital industry. Lockdown gave her the time to grow this platform, seeing traffic spike four-fold. So, look no further for all your marketing industry news and updates, Marketing Island’s got it covered.

Our Growth Director found his silver lining in the form of a vegetable patch in his back garden. He and his family enjoyed bringing dinner a little closer to home, as they watched the fruit (or veg, should I say) of their labour come to life as they grew the ‘world’s smallest carrots’. His words, not mine. 

Gemma, one of our Project Managers, swapped Dropbox for the toolbox as she tried out DIY for the first time, ever! After a house move in January, Gemma had a big task on her hands and was pretty proud after completing a renovation of both her son’s bedrooms, the lounge and garden! 

Gemma wasn’t the only one to get hands-on at home during lockdown. Sonia, a member of our Growth Team, got a little sucked in by Netflix’s Home Edit and spent her free time organising what could be described as ‘out of control storage space’.

Before and after:

How satisfying is that?! 

Others proudly completed some professional achievements. Alina bagged herself the Chartered Institute of Marketing Level 6 diploma in professional marketing, while Nichola officially got her MIPA (accredited member of the IPA) after lots of hard work and online study. Well done to both!


Whilst lockdown isn’t over yet, it’s helpful to take some time to reflect on the recent months. It’s been tricky for everyone, but taking note of the silver linings can only ever be a good thing. Stay safe everyone, from all of us here at Cogent.