Learning to fly at Cogent.

An intern insight.

Learning to fly at Cogent.

We chat to intern Shelley as she reflects on her three months in the PR & Social Media team here at Cogent.


Being a recent graduate, my internship at Cogent has been my first real taste of a “proper” job. Having done an English degree, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect coming into the role of PR and Social Media Intern, as marketing was something completely new to me. I’ve definitely been pleasantly surprised!

The PR and Social team, and everyone else at Cogent, have been incredibly welcoming. One of the first things I noticed was the sense of “togetherness” that is so often spoke of here. It’s not just a word that’s thrown about, it is truly a part of the company. There’s no strict separation between departments, which makes the flow of work much easier to handle and everyone is so willing to help their colleagues in any way they can. It’s a lovely atmosphere to work in and one that I feel is unique to Cogent.

Writing is my main strength and I wondered how it would be incorporated into a PR and social role. However, I’ve done more writing in the past three months than I did in my entire degree! (Maybe a slight over-exaggeration, but you get the idea – much writing has occurred.) Delving into the world of press releases, newsletters, emails and social posts has been fascinating. I’ve learnt what B2B and B2C means and how the tones of voice differ for each client. Learning tones of voice has been really interesting; it’s like finding the personality of each company. It’s a different kind of writing than I’m used to, but it’s a style that seems to suit me and that I enjoy.

I’d never written a press release before, and now I’ve written my fair share for a large variety of clients. The PR team have been amazing in terms of teaching me how to write the releases and sending me feedback and edits that I can learn from. They’re constantly busy, but treat each of their clients as if they’re the only one they have. I’ve witnessed some brilliant ideas come from brainstorming sessions and have been massively impressed by the way they cope with all of the requests and needs of the businesses they work with.

I’ve also conquered my fear of talking to people on the phone. Like your average young adult, phone calls have always been a terrifying concept to me. However, after calling both regional and national publications and taking calls from celebrity agents (get me!), I’m now a phone call pro. Something I never thought I’d be.

The social media side of my internship has also been a lot of fun. Writing blogs and social copy for varied clients has been one of my favourite things to do. I’ve also loved developing email copy, even if it did mean writing about Christmas in August…!

Working at Cogent these last three months has been an amazing experience that’s taught me both the marketing business and what my own capabilities are. I’ve met some great people and stroked some adorable dogs, and you can’t get much better than that!