Love AGA.

Relaunching the iconic AGA cooker.

The Brief: To relaunch the iconic AGA cooker.

The Challenge: To justify the premium price of an AGA cooker in a heavily promoted and discounted market sector

The Insight: When asked, owners of an AGA usually articulate their feelings in a single sentence: “I just love my Aga”. It’s an easy phrase but, this emotional attachment seems to bond all Aga owners. It is also often followed by comments such as: “I could never, ever live without it” and “I’m taking it with me when we move” and even “I’d rather be without my husband than my Aga!”.  AGA owners see the cooker as ‘a trusted friend in the house’ and that it makes the house feel ‘warmer and safer’ while also making the kitchen a ‘warm, welcoming room’.

The Solution: We created the ‘Love AGA’ campaign, highlighting the intangible emotional connection Aga owners have with their Aga, which transcends the price they paid.  When you buy an Aga, you don’t just buy an oven, you bring warmth to the heart of the family home.The campaign was fully integrated, with high profile advertising in-home interest magazines, complemented by PR, online, CRM and full retail support for 80 Aga shops across the UK. The campaign also used a suite of local press advertising and POS material.