Crucial Trading.

Giving retailers a clear story to tell.

The Brief: To reinstate Crucial Trading among discerning customers’ for premium floor coverings. 

The Challenge: Crucial Trading make high quality floor coverings favoured by a select group of discerning, passionate advocates. They needed to widen appeal while maintaining their unique market position.

Their products carry a premium price tag. However, the brand’s marketing communications materials were focused on product function and range options – leaving them competing with wider-known cheaper mainstream brands. Ultimately, they were being dropped from consumers’ consideration set based on price comparison.

The Solution: Cogent created a new brand direction which referenced the provenance of the materials used in crafting the products. We used aspirational lifestyle cues to instil the brand with an inherent value which justified the premium price tag. This differentiation ensured retailers had a clear reason to engage appropriate customers with the Crucial Trading brand. It also meant Crucial Trading’s core target audience could identify with the brand more clearly and request it with confidence in conversation with retailers and fitters alike.

We used more aspirational lifestyle cues to imbue the brand with an inherent value which justified the premium price tag