Freedom Tastes Sweet.

Marmalade is a leading car insurance company which specialises in insuring learner drivers and young drivers with a range of short-term and annual options on their own car or a car they borrow. They also offer an exclusive new car and insurance package.

We were tasked to deliver a creative campaign to help build the brand. We drew on the insight that driving gives young people their first true sense of freedom.

In a busy marketplace with a growing number of imitation products being introduced by generalist insurers, it was essential we created a campaign which would help the brand stand out, and resonate with both young drivers and their parents who often pay for insurance on their offspring’s behalf.

With this in mind, Mr Marmalade was born. Mr Marmalade is a warm, genie-like character who always pops up just when you need him, helping young drivers with their insurance worries. The Mr Marmalade campaign launched on TV during the Love Island 2018 final, and is also running across OOH, print and digital.

Cogent marketing campaign for Marmalade
Cogent marketing campaign for Marmalade- mr marmalade
Cogent marketing campaign for Marmalade