Savour the savings

Black Friday Campaign.


From whole beans to coffee machines, accessories and much more, Melitta is a German company whose goal is to make it easy for everyone to get the best out of every cup. They wanted to run a Black Friday campaign that would stand out and drive online sales.


Black Friday sales have now become so commonplace that it can be difficult to stand out among the noise.

Unlike traditional Black Friday campaigns that last, at most, over a weekend, Melitta customers could enjoy a calm, serene sale without stress and panic buying. For that, we needed a full suite of creatives to go the distance throughout December. Content that would work across the website, emails, paid and organic social. Slowing things right down, the messaging and visuals had to reflect our laid-back approach. Think swirling crema, slow-mo coffee drips and contented faces full of peaceful pleasure. You feel relaxed just thinking about it don’t you?


We came up with a campaign that gave our promotion the same relaxed feeling you can expect when preparing and enjoying a cup of coffee from a Melitta machine.

Instead of the traditional Black Friday mania with the 24 hour clock ticking, we promised to hold our low prices until 26th December (so you could even treat yourself if Santa missed the coffee machine on your Christmas list).

Initially, email and social ads planted the seed that Black Friday offers were coming but in a way that coffee lovers may not expect.

Then executions featuring lines such as 'Chill your beans', 'Savour the Savings' and 'What's the rush?' brought a sense of calm around an otherwise frenzied shopping period. The hashtag #savourthesavings was also used throughout all campaign elements.



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