Welcome to Cogent. Mary Lumley.

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New starter at Cogent

Welcome to Cogent. Mary Lumley.

We are delighted to welcome Mary Lumley as the newest member of our team here at Cogent. Joining the Propagation Hub, Mary lets us in on her experiences before Cogent and life outside of work.

You’ve been interning at Cogent for the last 3 months before being offered a full-time job (Woop!). What have you enjoyed the most over your first few months?

I’ve been interning in the Relationships Hive and will now be joining Propagation as a Planning Executive. I’ve loved getting to know some weird, wacky and wonderful people; everyone brings something unique to the team. Aside from homing in on my table tennis skills, my favourite part has been the opportunity to learn from some fantastic female role models. As someone just starting their career, it’s very inspiring to see strong and straight-talking women in leadership here at Cogent.

I’m now looking forward to working with Emma Winter and gaining a wider overview of the company and learning about lots of different markets.

What’s your life motto?

Whenever I feel under pressure my Dad always asks, ‘how do you eat an elephant?’ The answer of ‘one bite at a time’ somehow provides comfort during times of extreme hair loss.

I also like: ‘Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.’ It puts matters into perspective and makes sacrifices seem insignificant in the long run.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I train Muay Thai and hope to be fighting in the new year following jaw surgery in 2017. It’s a combat sport known as the ‘art of 8 limbs’ because fighters can use elbows and knees as well as boxing and kicking (think the standing up part in UFC). In my third year of uni, I went to Thailand and trained for 3 weeks; it was simultaneously the best and worst experience I’ve had to date. I can’t wait to go back though!

What were you doing before Cogent?

Before Cogent, I was studying masters at the University of Leeds. It was in Public Relations & Society and I particularly enjoyed the sociological and historical side; learning about the use of Sigmund Freud’s psychology to kickstart the economy after WW2 was extremely interesting. Studying Insurgency and Terrorism in the school of Politics was also a great opportunity.

Can you tell us about an example of togetherness that you find particularly inspiring?

For me, togetherness is all about community. Whether it’s a colleague lending you 50p so you can buy a Diet Coke (thanks James), or a stranger smiling when you walk past each other. Togetherness means working with one another even if it means making sacrifices yourself.  

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