TeaTalk with: Sam Fitzpatrick, Front End Web Developer.

Cogent employee Sam

TeaTalk with: Sam Fitzpatrick, Front End Web Developer.

We sit down with Sam Fitzpatrick, our Front End Web Developer, for a cuppa and a chat. We explore his career path so far and why he chose to work at Cogent. 

What inspired you to get involved in web development in particular? Was this something you always wanted to do?

I didn’t really enjoy ICT classes in school as I found that side of computing mundane, but at GCSE and A-Levels,  I got to experiment with using computers more creatively and doing things like graphic design, digital photography and photo manipulation, which really sparked my interest. During my degree in Media & Communications and Art & Design, I was given the opportunity to submit my coursework as websites. After University, I got a job working at a Project Management consultancy where we primarily completed digital projects. I then took the opportunity to pick up development tasks when my teams were at capacity. Eventually, I transitioned into more of a development role than project management and I haven’t looked back.

What is it that makes Cogent different to other places you have worked at?

Cogent is the largest agency I have worked at. I have always been in small teams and I liked the closeness I had with people as a result of that. I didn’t expect that to transfer so well when being around more people, but everyone here has been great. I have felt so welcomed and have been able to start making an impact quickly.

What’s your career highlight to date, something you’re proud of?

My highlight is working at BBC Worldwide in London. I was placed within a team of Agile Practitioners to frame and implement a newly formed Investment Management Office. I created an interactive dashboard of portfolio KPI’s allowing portfolio managers and senior management to easily monitor vital information and inform project investment decisions.

Do you have a motto or ethos that helps you in your everyday work in the Creative & Technology Hive? What keeps you going and ensures the work you do stands out?

When I face a task that I don’t have the knowledge to tackle, I try not to panic and stress, but rather be excited that I have the chance to learn something new. I remember all the other previous challenges I have overcome and built confidence to face the new challenge. I also have a great team around me who are always happy to help. 

What does Togetherness mean to you?

Trusting that those around you trust in you too. Also, utilising the pool of knowledge you have as a collective. If you need help, ask. I find it helpful to talk through a task if I am getting stuck. Even speaking it aloud and hearing yourself say some things is sometimes enough for that lightbulb moment. Be accessible then you can share the success.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most and why?

I love when our jobs go live. Realising a completion that you’ve been working toward is a great feeling, and the ability to show friends and family what you’ve been working on is a nice bonus.


That’s all from Sam. Keep an eye out for next month’s TeaTalk where we’ll be sitting down with another member of the Cogent family.