TeaTalk with: Lucy Teare, Relationships Manager.

Cogent employee, Lucy

TeaTalk with: Lucy Teare, Relationships Manager.

We sit down with Lucy Teare, a Relationship Manager here at Cogent for a cuppa and a chat. We explore why she chose to go into account management and why she likes working at Cogent. 

What inspired you to get involved in account management in particular? Was this something you always wanted to do?

I’ve always been creative and originally went to university in London to study Fine Art, before realising I’d probably prefer to keep that side of myself as a hobby rather than pursuing it as a career. Instead, I went down the Business Management route but still wanted to stay in a creative industry, so a role in account management was the natural fit. I like a job where every day is different, I can interact with lots of people, be in the middle of the action and not be stuck at my desk all day – and working in the Relationships hive at Cogent is perfect for that.

What is it that makes Cogent different to other places you have worked at?

The culture here at Cogent is like nowhere else – not just because of the perks and company social events, but the non-hierarchical structure is really refreshing. No matter what level of seniority you are, everyone is treated with the same respect and encouraged to have their input. During busy periods no one thinks twice about putting the hours in and helping each other out in order to get the job done.

What’s your career highlight to date, something you’re proud of?

Such a tough question! We have a close relationship with local universities, and I’ve been invited by them to attend as a guest lecturer a few times, as well as being asked to help judge their end-of-year presentations. Upon reflection, this has been a proud moment – becoming a role model and standing up and speaking to people that used to be just like me. It’s also rewarding to use my personal experience at university to teach them things I was never taught, and inspire them to explore agency career opportunities instead of defaulting to client-side.

Do you have a motto or ethos that helps you in your everyday work in the Relationships Hive? What keeps you going and ensures the work you do stands out?

I have always liked the phrase “don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room”. I think this is especially important in an account management role as our whole job is centred around people and ultimately making sure our clients and creative team are all happy. It’s all about identifying the atmosphere in the room and instead of accepting it, turning it around – because if you don’t, is anyone else really going to?

What does Togetherness mean to you?

To me it goes deeper than just great teamwork, it’s all about generally being human. Humans are the only animals on earth that are able to collaborate in a group of more than around 50. So togetherness is what we’re naturally really good at – asking if people are okay if they seem stressed, offering help before leaving at the end of the day, saying well done, being approachable and open, going to the pub with a group of colleagues on a Friday lunchtime. The really simple easy stuff.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most and why?

I love the more creative side of my job and getting out and about, going to photoshoots and radio recordings. I also strangely enjoy the periods when it’s really busy. It’s much more cathartic, especially when you see the final product and know the hard work that went into achieving it. Aside from the usual account management duties, I also enjoy any opportunity to be a mentor and work with future talent. On top of the guest lectures, I also get the chance to organise student experience days at the agency which are great ways to give the students a hands-on experience of agency life and also check out fresh talent.


That’s all from Lucy. Keep an eye out for next month’s TeaTalk where we’ll be sitting down with another member of the Cogent family.