Since 2017, we’ve been the lead strategic and creative agency for Paym, a mobile payment service within the banking apps of the UK’s 15 major banks and building societies.

We were challenged to demonstrate an increase in brand awareness and brand recall, and with it an increase in brand search.

In March 2019, we launched ‘Pay’m back securely’, a campaign designed to create differentiation in a sea of ‘convenience and speed’ marketing messages in the category. The campaign draws on the fact that Paym is uniquely backed by 15 major banks and building societies.

We took a phased approach, testing the integrated campaign in 2 regions – Manchester and Birmingham. Using a memorable brand message and media plan to increase brand awareness, the ‘Palll’ creative targets 18 – 34 year olds, highlighting reticence to share bank details publicly, making Paym the ideal secure solution.

The media mix covers out of home, display, mobile, programmatic, paid social media and Google ads.

We also did radio…