Lintbells PR.

'Happy Dog, Happy Days' PR Campaign.

Lintbells is a leading supplier of premium quality, natural supplements to support the happy and healthy lives of pet dogs. To achieve increased consumer awareness about the Lintbells brand and to educate the public about the pet supplement market, Cogent have produced creative campaigns to gain cut through in a crowded media landscape.

To raise awareness of the YuCALM pet supplement Cogent created the ‘Happy Dog Happy Days’ campaign. To ensure fantastic national, regional and lifestyle coverage Cogent suggested a survey researching how pet owners feel and react to leaving their dogs at home. A canine behavioural expert was utilised to support the results of the survey.

Results highlighted the love affair Brits have with their pet dogs, and revealed the varying ways people treat their dogs after leaving them alone. The campaign resulted in 30 pieces of print coverage, including a feature in The Sun, 48 pieces online, from The Mirror to Closer magazine, and a reach in total of over 5 million people. A radio day resulted in six interviews and a listener reach of 644,000.