(Aspiring) Planning Execs, Junior Planners & Planners.

Jobs at Cogent.

(Aspiring) Planning Execs, Junior Planners & Planners.

We have some exciting new opportunities within our Meriden HQ. We are seeking new (aspiring) Planning Execs, Junior Planners and Planners to join our growing team. To apply, click here.

We are looking for curious and clever minds to join our new and growing planning team at Cogent.

Planning experience is nice, but by no means mandatory. More importantly, you’ll be innately inquisitive, energetic, bordering on irritatingly enthusiastic with a constant thirst for knowledge. Being articulate and having courage in your own convictions will stand you in good stead.

If you can tick those boxes, we’ll happily bring you up to speed on the ‘planning’ part.

This is the role.

As a planner, you are ultimately responsible for the quality of the thinking in the agency and therefore the quality of the creative output. As a planner you have the following basic responsibilities:

i. To provide clarity and direction for each account.
ii. To constantly bring the consumer perspective into the creative process.
iii. To stay in touch with society and the trends that are changing it.
iv. To develop a strong one-on-one relationship with each of your clients.
v. Ultimately being able to consult on a marketing strategy level (not just advertising).

This is who we are.

Cogent is one of the oldest and largest independent full-service agencies in the UK, housed in a big old beautiful barn in the Warwickshire countryside.


To apply, click here. Don’t forget to check the privacy policy on the link’s landing page.