Brand Trust = ROI.

Getting channels working together is key.


Brand Trust = ROI.

Consumer brand engagement is recognised as a key driver of preference and loyalty. Ipsos MORI have demonstrated through global, cross-category research that two thirds of any brand decision is emotional – a truth supported by a growing body of research across the marketing industry. Our purchase decisions and brand loyalty are heavily influenced by perceptions of what a brand stands for, how it makes us feel and how it makes us look to others.

However, it’s one thing to shift consumer attitudes towards a brand, it’s quite another to create behaviour change – which is where we start to see tangible ROI.

Behaviour change requires a level of emotional commitment. In any human relationship, in order to commit ourselves emotionally, we need to trust. This is equally true in our relationships with brands as it is in our relationships with people.

And as with interpersonal relationships, in order for us to trust a brand it must demonstrate integrity and consistency. A consumer must feel so confident in their relationship with a brand that they can predict how it will behave.

And whilst each individual channel execution of a marketing campaign might individually stay true to a brand (and trigger a change in attitude towards it), it is the consistency between touchpoints that enables trust between brand and consumer to thrive. With this trust in place, and not undermined by any inconsistency in the brand experience, consumers can feel confident in their relationship with the brand, allowing loyalty to grow and making purchase decisions easy.

We see Togetherness being a crucial ingredient in how we help our clients achieve this brand trust through consistency – how closely we work together with our clients to truly understand their brands; how closely our hives swarm together, and how closely we collaborate with our clients’ other agencies to create truly integrated campaigns.

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