Join us at Cogent where we’ll be running Eff Day, a mini conference where we reimagine creativity and explore effectiveness in the digital age.

  • • Registration & breakfast from 9am
  • • Morning sessions from 9.30am – 12.30pm
  • • Lunch – 12.30pm – 1pm
  • • Afternoon sessions from 1pm - 4.30pm

Numbers are quite limited for the smaller sessions, so please make sure that you register for your preferred sessions here.

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But… what are we doing on TikTok? Our guide to effective marketing strategies.

Emma, Mary and Ulka are from our very own Planning Department. As marketeers, we need robust, independent research that we can trust to inform our business decisions. In this opening talk, we’ll take you through key findings from the best of the recent IPA Marketing Effectiveness research covering:

  • Balancing short term sales vs long-term brand building
  • The changing media landscape
  • How purchase context affects consumer behaviour

Supercharge: transform your business with TV.

Zoe Harkness is Head of Planning at Thinkbox. Thinkbox’s latest research offers guidance as to how TV can supercharge your business, even on a budget. It explores when you should move into TV, how to do so when funds are low (and stakes are high), and how broadcasters incentivise new-to-TV advertisers.

Military and political strategy: What can we learn?

Professor Michael Rainsborough is Head of the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. Utilising examples from a range of topics including politics, military tactics and sport, he’ll explore how the six principles of strategic theory can be applied to enhance marketing effectiveness.

Predicting the behaviours of those we look to influence.

Professor Richard Crisp is Head of the Department of Psychology at Durham University. As audience behaviours continue to shift faster than the industry can keep up, Professor Crisp reveals the fascinating new insights into behavioural psychology that could help us get our edge back.


Marketeers instinctively know that too much focus on the short-term is bad for business. Yet, we continue to see an industry-wide trend favouring sales activation over building brand equity. So, how do we go about putting brand-building back on the boardroom agenda?

Registered users, downloads, raw page views. Alone, they can’t be trusted as indicators of success. We discuss how best to track your true social engagement, and why optimising social media content strategy is as important as the content itself.

An organisation’s marketing strategy can allow it to create meaningful brands that support growth in profit, not just turnover. This session aims to inform the choice of metrics you should use to monitor your marketing, and how to assess success against KPIs.

You’ve probably heard about Programmatic Advertising, especially with the recent dispute around how companies use our personal data. But how does it actually work? And how can it benefit your business? Jake Mussa, Programmatic Manager at Golley Slater has all the answers.

Do you really know your audience? Mike Hall, Media Planner at Golley Slater, argues that understanding the customer is key to driving engagement. He’ll draw on his work with ASDA and others to explore the opportunities available to your business in getting to know its customers.

Using insights from IPA polls and conferences, we’ll explore what makes a strong relationship between clients and their agencies. From work that works together, to the importance of building sustainable relationships – we’ll look at accountabilities on both sides.

Why re-version an idea when you can reinvent? One size fits all solutions always fail on social. Winning means finding effective ways to make the most of your shoots and content creation. In this session Ian Gathard, the MD of our sister production company, Junction 11, will walk you through how to achieve best practice for social production in ways that are both impactful and cost effective.

This workshop will, through the medium of food, explain how we can improve business effectiveness through iterative testing. Come help us crown the ultimate party nibble by collectively testing until we get a winner from a range of delicious (yes, 80’s style) vol au vents.*

*Could attendees please inform us of any dietary requirements or food allergies in advance.

What do we mean by being brave? By looking at award winning creative, we’ll consider how brands can create cut-through by breaking convention. After all, there’s only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about.