Arriva UK Bus.

get your ride on.

The Brief


Increase sales of the Arriva Student Saver ticket.

The Challenge


We knew that 73% of university students move away from home to study, which also means moving away from Mum and Dad’s taxi service. Compounded by a sustained decline in car use among young adults, bus travel can be a lifeline. However, awareness amongst students of term time bus services, and the Arriva Student Saver Ticket was low. The challenge was to come up with a campaign that would get more students on the bus, by increasing awareness and sales of the Arriva Student Saver Tickets.

The Solution


We created Get Your Ride On’ – a campaign that actually put students ‘on’ the bus. Press and outdoor ads ran in key student locations and at freshers events. Online activity included films, banners, landing pages, email, radio, social content and an online game. Not to mention the branded beer mats, free giveaways and freshers competitions – standard student stash!