British Cycling is the nation’s largest cycling organisation and the national governing body for cycle sport. It’s committed to helping everyone enjoy cycling, from elite athletes to the leisurely weekend rider.

Breeze is one of British Cycling’s award-winning initiatives, bringing together women of all ages and abilities to enjoy bike rides across the UK. The programme is delivered by the Breeze Champions – over a thousand passionate female volunteers.

Cogent and British Cycling came together to create a campaign to raise awareness of Breeze, increase visits to the British Cycling site and get more women to sign up.

As we got to know the Breeze team, we found out that many of the Champions had fascinating personal stories and inspiring reasons for getting involved in cycling.

British Cycling marketing Campaign by Cogent
British Cycling marketing Campaign by Cogent

So we wanted to tell those stories to women across the UK.

Our expert, in-house film team captured the energy and commitment of these inspirational women through a series of individual case study films and a main campaign film, giving them the platform to explain the ways in which cycling has improved their lives.

The content was hosted on the Breeze website. The next step was to distribute it.

First, we edited bitesize teasers for social media. Then we got together with programmatic marketing experts, Rocket Fuel, to ensure the content found its audience.

We also partnered with Hearst Media, publisher of female-focused titles including RED, Good Housekeeping and Women’s Health, creating advertorial articles about our Breeze Champions, supported by the films.

Most importantly, as more people shared the films and articles, and with strong click through rates from the programmatic advertising, sign ups to the Breeze programme began to climb uphill.

Like the King of the Mountains in the Tour de France!