Cogent Beekeeping: September 2019.

Time flies when you're having fun.

It’s October, the seasons are turning. As the leaves turn orange, the nights draw in and pumpkins become mandatory, we reflect on what’s been a very busy month here at Cogent.

We’ve been super excited to write this month’s Beekeeping. We’ve been working on something exciting for a while, and this September we were finally ready to share it with you. Two weeks ago we launched Moving Minds, our brand new attitudinal study that explores why people move home and what that tells us about their spending behaviour. 

The act of looking for and moving into a new home is an inertia buster that sees consumer spending behaviour change dramatically. But how do our mindsets change when we’re in moving mode and how does that influence purchase behaviour? By identifying eight home mover ‘tribes’, we explore how brands might effectively engage with people when they’re most likely to spend.

Working with Ragdoll Research and Professor Richard Crisp, Head of the Department of Psychology at Durham University, we created Moving Minds, our insight paper which explores how we can help brands unlock the spending power of home movers.

You may have already spotted our launch roll out across social media, or paid a visit to our Moving Minds hub to explore some of our home related case studies and articles. But, if you haven’t, head over now to download the full Moving Minds whitepaper (it’s free!).

That’s not all of the exciting news – we’ll also be speaking at this year’s Festival of Marketing. We’re heading over on Friday 11th October to take our place on the content stage to talk all things Moving Minds. If you’re lucky enough to be attending, come and pay us a visit. Our Growth Director will be spilling the beans on developing behavioural insight to unlock spending power (he’s even presenting it in his dressing gown)… it will all make sense soon, we promise. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter as not to miss out on what will no doubt lead to some priceless photography. 

In other news, two members of our PR team headed over to Hayter and Toro’s dealer day at the Heart of England Conference Centre. It was great to accompany our clients as they celebrated their continued success working with dealers as well as showcasing their new product launches and business initiatives for 2020.

Following the launch of Salary Finance’s 2019/20 Employers’ Guide to Financial Wellbeing, and some case studies on their financial wellbeing journey, our PR team also managed to secure some great national media coverage which appeared in the I newspaper, LBC and the Financial Times. More coverage is due to be published this month – a great result!

Next up, our SEO team headed down south for sea, sand and insights as they soaked up lots of new knowledge at this year’s Brighton SEO conference. 

On the topic of the beach… a few members of the team headed down to the coast for the Southampton Boat Show with our client Princess Yachts. It was great to see some of our creative work come to life through some of their eye-catching collateral.

We’ve been busy working together with Marston’s to launch their Christmas booking system across 500 pub websites. The new system will allow customers to pay deposits and pre-order their Christmas meal *licks lips*. To ramp up excitement around the Rugby World Cup, we’ve created a whole suite of digital assets for the pubs showing the big games.

We were over the moon to see our client Kwik Fit cross the finishing line and cycle a lap of honour around the velodrome as they completed their Tour De Branch challenge. This great example of togetherness saw them cycle 2,500 miles around the country to raise £1 million for Children with Cancer UK. WELL DONE TEAM!

We got involved in a couple of IPA initiatives this month. Our Finance Director headed to the IPA members lunch while we hosted Advertising Unlocked back at Heath Farm. We joined the industry-wide ‘open day’ as we opened our doors to a local Warwickshire school. We enjoyed a fun-filled morning that saw pupils learn the ins and outs of agency life, with a specific focus on data and insight. Sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generation is really important to us and we were delighted to get involved! 

The competition was fierce this year as we got involved with Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. In the true style of Paul Hollywood, we (ready, set…) BAKED a whole host of delicious goodies and raised a stash of cash for charity!

So, that’s a wrap. We’ll catch you at the end of October for another monthly update – see you then!