Arriva is one of the largest bus and train transport organisations in Europe, with Arriva buses running in most UK cities and regions.

Having worked together with Cogent for over 10 years, they knew we could help them deliver a campaign to get more students using the bus.

For the 73% of students who move away from home to study, going to university is the first opportunity to stand on their own two feet. And without Mum & Dad’s Taxis to call on, public transport becomes a crucial lifeline.

Together, we needed to let students know about all the great benefits of Arriva’s Student Saver tickets.

The idea was simple.

What better way to encourage students to —Get Your Ride On’ than by actually putting them on a bus.

A little Arriva bus that is!

Our little Arriva buses show students that they can get around all term for less – in a fun and memorable way.

After testing them out around our office, we created press and outdoor ads to run in key student locations, as well as online activity including films, banners and social posts.

The little buses also appeared at freshers’ events nationwide where they proved incredibly popular.

And crucially, as word of the little buses spread, sales of Student Saver tickets began to ride high.

Next stop, little Arriva buses going into mass production!

Arriva Adverts by Cogent