An innovative approach to easing renovation stress.

The Popup Kitchen.

An innovative approach to easing renovation stress.

We recently headed down to The Ideal Home Show where we came across Pioneer Popup, a company who provide tailor-made solutions for people taking on renovation projects. Pioneer Popup create homely mobile kitchens inside campervans for those in the midst of a kitchen renovation. These popup kitchens can be easily positioned in gardens or on driveways to provide homeowners, who are struggling with the mayhem of not having a fully functioning kitchen, with an alternative until their renovations are complete.

Renovating a house can be stressful. A home provides comfort, security and routine, and when this is disrupted, by the likes of a kitchen renovation, we can often feel stressed and impatient. In fact, a survey conducted by Houzz revealed that home renovations can be so stressful, they prompt consideration of divorce in 12% of couples. Further research suggests that on average, it takes home movers 45 days to fully unpack after moving house. Misplaced belongings, cheese graters buried under scatter cushions and crockery wrapped in newspaper (or loo roll, in my case) can all add to the stress of unfinished homemaking during times of renovation.

This got me thinking. Is there more home interior and installation brands can do to provide customers with alternatives that add value and comfort in times often full of noise, mess and chaos? Should brands build alternatives into their proposition which offer customers support in stressful and disruptive times? How can brands provide convenience while turning the negatives of home renovations into positive experiences? How can brands provide solutions to customers who find themselves parting with even more cash for takeaway food and dining out during a kitchen refurb?

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