4 apps to help with the spring cleaning.

It's Spring Cleaning Time.

Cogent cleaning

4 apps to help with the spring cleaning.

We’ve all been there. Arriving back into the office after a long bank holiday weekend only to be faced with the disorganised stack of papers and general disarray that ‘past you’ decided to leave behind. Or sat on the sofa watching another Netflix series – looking around the house and knowing that summer’s coming and you really should be getting on with the cleaning instead – those rays really show up the dust! Whether you are looking for some motivation and inspiration to clean up your work space or existing home, or sprucing up somewhere you’ve just moved into, here are 4 apps to help you swap the TV remote for the vacuum cleaner.


A fan of a good life hack? BrightNest will help you to get your office or home in great shape by providing you with easy-to-follow instructions, personal timelines and friendly reminders that will help you tackle everything from the most basic maintenance task to innovative cleaning tricks. An app that promises to simplify any to do list? Yes please!

Unfilth Your Habitat

Are you in need of tough love and unafraid of the odd profanity? Unfilth Your Habitat shuns traditional housekeeping and helps you clean up a little bit at a time. Attempt to beat the clock in timed challenges, customise to do lists and reminders by room and reward yourself with a 10-minute break for every 20 minutes of work. Seems like a fair deal!


If you have little ones and a family to factor into your spring cleaning plans, then OurHome offers an easy way to organise your troops and motivate the kids to complete their share of the jobs. Tasks can be assigned, rewards can be achieved and there is even a joint shopping list and family calendar to keep everyone coordinated.


And if after all of that it still seems like one battle too many, there is always Handy. Book trusted cleaners to come and do the dirty work for you while you get yourself comfortable on that sofa again. There is no judgement here!

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