Subway Subliminal

Subway Subliminal Hero

7th November 2012

Cogent Elliott has produced a new poster execution for Subway, the High Street fast food retailer. The advert plays upon the brand’s familiarity to the point the entire communication relies on nothing more than two words and the corporate identity!

Mike Phillipson, CEO, said: “Subway is one of the most iconic and immediately recognisable brands on the British High Street. This ad plays on its popularity in a way which is true to the brand’s spirit of playfulness, fun and street cred.”

Rachana Pancholi, Subway’s Development Agent for Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, said: “I’m always keen to encourage creativity in our local marketing communications. This ad is part of my advertising programme to support our local franchisees – and the moment I saw it, I loved it for its confidence and impact, as well as the way it credits the intelligence of our target audience and customers.”

Art Director for the poster was Sweta Pathak and the Copy Director was Alex Fraser.