Silence Fixed it for Jim

Silence fixed it for Jim - The National Association for People Abused to Childhood

25th October 2012

Cogent Elliott has developed a powerful advertisement for the National Association of People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC), based upon the Jimmy Savile revelations.

The advert inverts the meaning behind Jim’ll Fix It badge, the most well-known association with Savile. The stark image reinforces the public shock and revulsion about the way a famous figure was able to use, and hide behind a position of trust and celebrity. It also drives home the most important lesson in this horrible story – that it is OK to speak up if you are a victim and that you have a duty to speak up if you suspect wrongdoing.

NAPAC supports people to end the silence – to speak up and confront these issues, endeavouring to stop it happening ever again. Cogent is a strong supporter of NAPAC’s work and, consequently, agreed to produce the campaign at our own cost.

Richard Payne, Creative Director, said: “The Jimmy Savile case has awakened the whole nation to the horrors of child abuse. If there is one benefit to this, it is that the laudable work of agencies such as NAPAC has begun to receive due notice. The support NAPAC provides to adults who’ve suffered childhood abuse is invaluable; we are proud to able to lend our expertise to such an organisation.”

The campaign will initially be run in poster and press formats. If you want to help end the silence, please call 0800 085 3330.