Me and my AGA

Me and My AGA

18th September 2012

There’s nothing as strong as a personal recommendation. Except, that is, for an AGA owner’s love of his or her cooker. Combine the two and a little bit of magic happens.

We produced a short film featuring interviews with AGA owners aimed at communicating the lifestyle benefits of this most quintessentially British icon – eliciting responses that you simply couldn’t script if you tried.

Richard Fozard, Marketing Director for AGA said “Our customers are dedicated and enthusiastic, in fact they’re probably AGA’s best sales team. “Using their testimonials in this way will help alleviate concerns or questions people have about how an AGA can fit into their own lives and has provided us with a brilliant sales tool.”

MikePhillipson, CEO of Cogent Elliott commented. “We found AGA owners in a variety of expected and unexpected places, from traditional country estates to an eco-friendly house, to a converted chapel. A truly fantastic experience and the results speak for themselves in this great newfilm.”

The film will be used on the AGA website and in retailer demonstrations across the country. Cogent Elliott will also be translating the video for use across AGA’s international websites.