Our history has been one of continuous brand extension to respond to market changes and new opportunities.

Our Story

In the nineties, as the market need for more integrated marketing communications became more pressing, we branched out into new areas. In 1999, we merged with one of the largest and most respected print design companies in the UK, the Drury Lane Company - welcoming them to our new home in Meriden, an eighteenth century farm complex.

Three years later, we built the largest digital photographic and reprographic facility in the Midlands, Junction Eleven, just off the M40 at Banbury.

In 2004 we set up a digital communications unit, closely followed by a team of direct marketing, Brand, PR, CRM and database management specialists. In the past few years we have launched Social Media, SEO, Film and CGI teams. In 2014 we opened our London office, which today is sited off Oxford Street.

The potent cross-fertilisation of skills which is Cogent Elliott today means that we can approach any brand communications task, confident in our ability both to identify the most powerful brand strategy, and to deliver the full range of communications materials it demands.


Cogent Elliott was one of the earliest advertising agencies in the UK. Founded in the Midlands in 1936, we have remained staunchly independent ever since, believing that the best way is to remain answerable to only our management, staff and clients.